What does possum taste like – Does it taste like chiken or rabbit?

Possum is naturally lean meat and one of the most nutritious red meats available. Possum meat falls within the healthy meat range, being lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken, turkey, and many other types of meat. What does possum taste like?

Possums taste like a kind of fatty chicken. When cooked correctly, it should be moist and delicious. The best way to cook possum is to place it in a large pot, cover it with water and simmer until tender. It is leaner than a wild rabbit, and the meat tastes similar to chicken. Coon meat is widely regarded as the most delicious wild game meats, with a flavor sometimes compared to duck.

Also, they mostly taste like the food that they eat. They are omnivorous but prefer fruit and shoots and love to eat critters such as rodents, frogs, or snails. They are very fond of edible fungi that they find hidden under leaves or rotting logs.

In addition, possum meat, fried or stewed, has been a staple for many Appalachian families for generations. When properly prepared and cooked, a possum resembles a medium-size pig and has the flavor of good roast pork.

If a possum is caught during the winter months and has been without food for some time, it will have little if any noticeable odor. However, if it had been eating insects and grubs and the like, it would taste somewhat like that foul-tasting food.

How to catch a possum?

What does possum taste like

You can catch a possum with a Havahart trap. You can purchase this at most stores that sell animal control items. Before baiting the trap, place it in an area where possums have been spotted. Make sure you know your local rules and regulations about trapping possums.

Can you eat possum?

You can eat possum. You may find some fat, and you will need to take that off, but it’s no different than duck or rabbit. Possum is probably some of the best meat available. If you want to know how to cook possum, you need to first learn how to clean the possum.

What does possum meat taste like?

Possum meat tastes like chicken. It’s high in protein, low in fat, and completely delicious. Also, many recipes can be used with it. However, you do not want to eat wild animals unless you are experienced in shooting and skinning them. Most wild animals carry diseases and parasites that can sometimes be fatal.

So, to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you should cook it for a longer period to get rid of the bacteria that might be in the meat. Once you have cooked under hot heat, you should check the meat. If it is tender, then you can go ahead to use it.

Is possum meat legal?

Possum meat is legal under federal law but illegal in many states. That’s because of the only state that produces possums on a large scale in North Carolina. If you’ve ever gone to the grocery store and browsed the frozen section, you’ll likely have noticed that there isn’t a single possum among all the other choices.

What does possum taste like

What is possum meat called?

Possum meat is called ‘possum.’ It is a lean, low-fat protein source that can be prepared almost anywhere. Possum meat is quite sweet and clean tasting, and the meat makes great use of pheasant breasts and other game meats.

In addition, possum meat is also called “pig” or “goat,” and it’s a great way to bring people back to their old ways of food.

It has a mild but distinct flavor unlike anything else. One of the best ways to try it for yourself is in the possum pie, which consists of a flaky pie crust, possum meat, and vegetables like onions, potatoes, and carrots seasoned with black pepper.

Can you freeze possum?

Possum can easily be frozen, like most meat. They need to be cut because of their size and then bled with saltwater or some such.

Afterward, they need to be cleaned properly and hung for a couple of days in your walk-in cooler, so the blood drains completely, and the meat cools completely. Then wrap each piece in butcher paper and freeze them.

You can also use an airtight freezer bag to freeze the possum. Place in the freezer, and it can stay for more than two months. You can freeze possums for several months.

Here are some container and packaging tips for freezing possums:

  • Pack possums in airtight containers or heavy-duty freezer bags.
  • Leave a little headspace in containers to expand as possums freeze.
  • Date the packages and rotate them so that your oldest possum will be eaten first.
  • The longer your possum is stored in the freezer, the greater the chance of freezer burn and subsequent dryness of your possum.

Can you grill possum?

You can. It is just like any other meat. Either prepare it by the recipe of your choice or use your favorite marinade.

What does possum taste like

Can you defrost possum?

You can defrost possum. You just need to know how to do it safely. It depends on how much time you have and your patience level. Defrosting possum in the refrigerator will take a lot longer but requires less of your active time.

Also, defrosting possum using cold water will take less time, but you will have to watch it as the more temperate possum quickly warms the cold water.

In addition, Possums can be removed from the freezer and placed in the refrigerator overnight to defrost for cooking. However, some people choose to boil possum meat in water or place it in an oven on high heat until thoroughly defrosted.

How long can possum meat sit out?

The amount of time that possum meat can sit out will depend on the temperature outside. The hotter it is, the less time it can remain safe to eat. For safe food storage, keep your possum meat cold at 40°F or below or frozen at 0°F.

That is the only way to prevent bacteria from breaking down the nutrients in your possum meat and making your family sick. Always refrigerate leftovers at 40°F or below within 2 hours of cooking. If you can’t get leftovers into the fridge within 2 hours, freeze them immediately instead. You can refreeze safely thawed possum meat.

Is possum meat healthy?

Possum meat is healthy. Possums have a very low-fat content, next to no carbohydrates, and just a tiny bit of sodium. The taste is often compared to pork and chicken.

Also, a possum is game meat that’s lean, rich in flavor, and packed with protein. Similar to a rabbit, but richer, possum meat is easily digestible. It is one of the healthiest meats around.

It has the least calories and fat while having more protein than chicken, turkey, or beef. Approx 1/2 the fat per ounce than chicken. It is very healthy meat.

What does possum taste like

Is possum meat bad for you?

No, possum meat is not bad for you. Possum is a species of small marsupial in the family Phalangeridae and is a popular food in several countries. Possum meat is rich in protein and low in fat, cholesterol, and calories.

Also, possum meat is considered a delicacy by gourmets and a somewhat “rough” taste. If you can get past the fact that you are eating something that looks like a giant ugly rat, you will be fortified with lean protein allowing your body to feel satiated for hours.

In addition, a possum is very good for you. It contains lean amounts of protein and good levels of a nutrient known as vitamin B12 which aids in nerve function, blood formation, and sleeping patterns.

Is fried possum healthy?

Possum is a wild animal and can be suitable to eat. Possums eaten by humans are usually hunted first. Because they are mostly meat, they can be minced with other meat or grilled with other meats.

Because it is an animal, it should be treated like any other meat for consumption. Fried possum would be healthy if the possum is clean and has not been eating carrion or anything else that may have been detrimental to the possum’s health.

Do people eat possum?

Possums are edible; their meat is considered a delicacy.

Should you eat possum jerky?

Possum jerky is a type of jerky made from the meat of an opossum, which is a Marsupial found throughout Australia and various parts of the Americas. It is a relatively new addition to the list of commonly-found jerky meats, but many claims that it tastes similar to cracked pepper beef jerky.

It has a unique flavor, not just because it’s made from possums. Just like chicken, pork and fish, when handled and prepared the right way, it can be delicious and safe to eat.

The possum jerky is high in protein and low in calories. Possum makes for great jerky; not only does it have low-fat content, but the meat also has a nice texture for slicing into strips.

What does possum taste like

Is possum poisonous?

No, possums aren’t poisonous. However, they can threaten your pets and leave a mess in their wake. However, considering consumption, you should cook very well, and it will end up being a slice of healthy meat.

Can you cook possum meat in the oven?

You can cook in the oven. To start with, you need to wash the possum thoroughly before cooking. If you’re not accustomed to skinning small games, take it to your local butcher and ask him or her to do it for you.

Rub the entire possum with salt and pepper, then wrap the entire animal in foil. Once the meat is seasoned, you’ll heat it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two hours, depending on the size of your possum.

The best way to cook possum is to check it periodically while baking and make sure its internal temperature is high enough to kill any bacteria.

How much is possum meat?

The possum is a small animal, and it is killed for its meat, fur, and skin. The price of possum meat averages $2 to $3 per pound, but sometimes the cost depends on the size of the animal and the cut of meat.


Looking for the right answer on what does possum taste like? Then you are just in the right place. Possums taste pork and chicken, but the younger possums are the best. The meat is tender, flavorful, and juicy. Possums can be prepared in almost any way to prepare rabbit, pork, or chicken.

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